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Live Scan fingerprinting is the quick and advanced process of recording fingerprints digitally with a Live Scan machine. This form of fingerprinting is a more valid and precise way to document fingerprints. It also shortens the length of the kinds of background checks required for most professions. The Live Scan machine has a glass plate where fingerprints are pressed and rolled against it for the software to read and record. Say goodbye to the days of ink and cards, this system is speedy, efficient, and mess-free thanks to new technology.

As an Arkansas State Police-Approved Fingerprint Harvester, we're also able to initiate your background check for the following Arkansas licenses: Pharmacy Board, Arkansas State Police, Private Security, CSO/CSSO, PI, Alarm Installers and Sales, ABC, Medical Marijuana, COU, PSY, Medical Board, and AWA. 

Contact us today so that we can shorten and simplify this process for you!

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